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Fly Fishing Schools
Learn to Fly Fish | Advanced Techniques | Casting Instruction | Fly Tying Instruction

From the first time you touch a fly rod to double hauling a long cast for a trophy bonefish on a Mexican Flat, Sandstone Anglers will take you through every level of fly fishing. We offer two-day beginning and advanced courses, as well as special casting and fly-tying instruction.


Learn to Fly Fish

Our Beginner School introduces you to equipment and the proper ways to handle and release fish. You also learn to tie knots, cast, entomology, how to choose the right fly, reading water and presentation skills. On day two we will review and sharpen skills, improve presentation and casting skills as well as learn to streamer fish, match the hatch and learn how to put it all together. Ninety percent of the class is on the water. Lunch, and terminal tackle is supplied. Students need rod, reel and waders. Rentals are available.

Day One
I. Intro to equipment (1 hour)
II. Know your knots (1 hour)
III. Casting skills (2 hours)
IV. Reading water (.5 hour)
V. Entomology and choosing the right fly (.5 hour)
VI. Learning to nymph fish (3 hours)

Day Two
I. Sharpening casting skills (2 hours)
II. Improving your presentation with nymphs (2 hours)
III. Matching the hatch, dry fly fishing (2 hours)
IV. Learning to streamer fish (1 hour)
V. Putting it all together (1 hour)

Rates: $165 a day per person - two person minimum

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Advanced Techniques

Our Advanced Techniques School sharpens your casting and presentation skills for all situations of nymph, streamer, sight and dry fly fishing tactics. This class takes place entirely on the water and stresses a better understanding of trout habitat and entomology, as well as advanced fishing skills.

Day One
I. Understanding trout habitat and entomology (1 hour)
II. Sharpening casting skills (1 hour)
III. Advanced nymph presentation skills (2 hours)
IV. Advanced casting skills for dry flies (2 hours)
V. Sight fishing and proper presentations (2 hours)

Day Two
I. Streamer tactics (2 hours)
II. Deep water nymphing tactics (2 hours)
III. Shallow water nymphing tactics (2 hours)
IV. Dry fly fishing tactics (2 hours)

Rates: $165 a day per person - two person minimum

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Casting Instruction

Sharpen your casting skills before you get to the river and your trip will be that much better. There is no greater gratification in fly fishing than making the perfect cast. Here on the San Juan the fish are big and picky. The better you cast, especially when you are fishing dry flies, the better your chances for success. Sharpening your skills before you get to the river will make your trip to the San Juan that much better. And there is no better instruction than with a certified casting instructor. Sandstone Anglers is proud to have the only certified Federation of Fly Fishers casting instructor on the San Juan.

All skill levels, from beginner to expert, will be accommodated on an hourly basis. Groups are welcomed. Sandstone Anglers also offers a package that combines a one hour lesson with your guided fishing trip. That way you get the most out of your guided trip. All equipment is supplied and instruction is based on skill level.

Casting instruction rates are:
Private Instruction is $30 first hour, $20 each additional hour. Groups of 4 or less is $20 per person for first hour, $10 per person each additional hour. Larger groups get a great discount. Call or e-mail for rates. Casting instruction with guided trip (one hour lesson) is $20 first person and $10 each additional person (three person max.)

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Fly Tying Instruction

One of the most rewarding parts of fly fishing is creating the food items that trout eat. Fly tying is an art unto itself and a very important part of fly fishing. Our Fly Tying schools allow you to be creative and yet learn the important techniques of tying flies. Our schools can focus on any level of fly tying, beginner to advanced. If you would like to learn basic San Juan patterns or something more advanced like bass or pike flies, Sandstone Anglers can help.

Sandstone Anglers also allows you to be flexible with the length of the school. School can be anywhere from one hour to once a week, whatever works best for your schedule. All materials are supplied and you are welcome to keep all flies you tie.

Fly tying instruction rates are:
Private instruction is $30 for first hour, $15 each additional hour. Our comprehensive six-hour school runs $100. Our group school is $20 for the first person and $10 per person thereafter, and $10 per person each additional hour. The six-hour comprehensive school is $60 per person. All fly tying classes are held in the evenings.

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Our Clients Say:

"I have fished with many guides on the San Juan River over the years and have found the knowledge and skill of John Tavenner and the guides of Sandstone Anglers to be second to none. Not to mention the fact that John's custom tied flies for this tailwater consistently outproduce any others that I know of. If you enjoy sight-fishing for BIG trout, I highly recommend that you book your next trip with Sandstone Anglers" - Deed Whitney

"I have fished with John on eight separate occasions and on each I have learned some new and more efficient way of catching trophy San Juan trout. His order of the day is to make you catch fish. He tailors his trips to what you want, you are the boss. If you want a relaxing float to get out and see the beautiful landscape of New Mexico and catch fish he offers it. But, if you want to get down, get wet and catch a fish of a lifetime, he will put you where they are, tell you what to use,tell you how to cast to them, but landing it is all up to you! If you are a fly fisherman who wants a FULL day of fishing for trophy trout on the San Juan, there is no other guide on the river that is more respected, devoted and as hardworking as John Tavenner." - Dan Baker, A Customer for Life

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